Energy healing masaje
a traditional healing system that restores the balance and flow of energy throughout the body, mind, and soul. This technique works directly with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of well-being.
It is a holistic practice that activates the body's subtle energy systems to remove blocks. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body's inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated.
Energy medicine (or biofield therapies) is the act of channeling and manipulating the energy that courses through your body in order to heal it.
In order to adequately process all the stimuli and information it receives, energy massage is used seeking to activate its neurological, respiratory, immune, circulatory, gastrointestinal and endocrine systems; and help you relax and release tension.
Energy Massage
promotes the increase in energy levels of the person undergoing it. It can be said that the massage technique releases tension in a way that reduces stress levels. It is very important for modern life, because you live surrounded by situations that compromise personal and family tranquility.
The energetic massage offers the possibility of working with the different energy levels of a person. The material body and the subtle bodies. It works with the complex bodily systems: muscular, nervous and lymphatic, producing the release of toxins that contaminate the body and that also help to chronify states of tension.
The Massage promotes the circulation of blood and lymph fluid, and most disease states will improve if the circulation of these two vital fluids is stimulated. masaje
Through manipulations, energy massage acts directly on the affected areas, stimulating blood circulation, and rectifying the structure of bones and soft tissues. The relationship between resonators, energy channels and organic structures, produces an effect in the whole organism: it influences the functions of the organs, of the central nervous system, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system-, of the metabolic system; and it acts in the mental and emotional sphere of the patient.
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